Hi, I am Erica Frisk.

I'm a New England based photographer with a photojournalistic approach, and a style that is fresh & modern. I focus on portraiture, landscapes, travel & events. Whether it's your wedding day, a portrait session or a lifestyle shoot, I love capturing unique experiences. I create bold and vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects.


I aim to capture the raw emotions, intimate moments, and intricate details that make each wedding a memorable occasion. My keen eye for composition, mastery of lighting, and dedication to understanding the couple's vision ensure that every shot tells a beautiful story. My professionalism, creativity, and genuine passion for my craft shines through in each photograph, creating timeless memories that couples will cherish for a lifetime.


I love to capture the essence of a place and the vibrancy of everyday life. My keen observation skills and ability to connect with diverse cultures allows me to create compelling visual narratives that transport viewers to new destinations and immerse them in authentic experiences. My versatility, creativity, and dedication to storytelling result in captivating images that resonate with audiences, inspiring wanderlust and a deeper appreciation for the world.rld around us.


I enjoy capturing the true essence and personality of my subjects. My ability to connect with people on a personal level enables me to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, allowing their genuine emotions to shine through in every photograph. My attention to detail, mastery of lighting, and skillful composition highlight the beauty and individuality of each person, producing timeless portraits that evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression. My passion for storytelling and commitment to authenticity leave clients thrilled with images that truly reflect their essence.